Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Blog for Pearl

Hi i am Pearl i have a guinea pig. Shes a little bit shy. Her name is Francine and shes very cute. I have nine pets counting Francine. I have five fish one dog and two cats. I take Francine every where. Shes the precious thing
in the world. She loves green vegetables and orange carrots. Aloha bye!


  1. Hi Pearl, I didn't know you had a guniea pig. She's very cute indeed. Does Francine get along with your other pets? Did you know 9 is a lucky number?

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow Pearl that is a lot of pets. Lucy said that she would like to play with Francine. Lucy loves all small animals. When she plays with them she always get really close to the floor so she looks smaller and isn't intimidating to the other animal. It is really cute.

    Aunt G

  3. hey Pearl it's Merrin love the the music and Francine. Sugar says hi!!

    Merrin and sugar