Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julius Caesar


I think you most likely know that name Julius Caesar.I just read a chapter of history, and I learned about Julius Caesar. I just hate the way he died that is darn sad and mean. I mean really his own best friend was in a plot to kill him. I hope that never happens to me.

He had a good life the not the end of it though his last words were "Et tu , Brute" which means in english "and thou, O Brutus" and lay limp completely given up because he realized his best friend was killing him. He had a pen but as the saying "A pen is greater then a sword" it didn't help him. And after that they called his best friend "Brutus the noblest man of all" really really why he totally betrayed him!!?!

thats all BYE!!! Adios Amigos!!!

One more thing, the month of July was named after him - cool!

Monday, November 22, 2010



Today I am going to talk about a t.v. show on the t.v. it's called glee!( duba duba!) That is what they put after the show is over! It is a really good show! Here are some of the characters Finn,Rachel,Kurt,Quinn,Mercedes,Sue,Will,Puck, and some others that I don't remember the name of them but there is more! It is on fox I think it is on Tuesday though! And if you don't get it because you have not seen the first one then go to your movie store or order glee yeah you should do that will that is what I did and my family! You should watch glee its good!

p.s. leave a comment if you already watch glee or you do and you love it!
goodbye here is one of the music videos in I think the second or third show!

Monday, November 15, 2010



I do know what to talk about - totally prepared and so I am amazing!! Anyway, I have two songs to show you. Both of them are from Oliver. Not the one with the cat, the one with the human Oliver. Do you know the song, "Ohh glorious food?" I am going to show you it ( see below) and the other one is, "I'd do anything." So here is the first, "Ooh glorious food."

So I hope you like it!!!!
You should watch the movie it is good!!!

You might ask why Oliver because I want to be in the play this summer 2011!!!

So that glorious food next is, i'd do anything!!

So I hope you like it!!!!
You should watch the movie it is good!!!

You might ask why Oliver because I want to be in the play this summer 2011!!!

Adios Amigos and goodbye PS. if this song gets stuck in your head write a comment!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So if you read my last blog and if you haven't read it right now please do and leave a comment. If you don't leave a comment I won't know that you have read it so please do!

Any way if you just read my other blog then you don't know what I am going to talk about and I am not sure either so just follow along. So you at least kind of know what I am talking about yezh I am tired today even though I slept in. I actually didn't I woke up about maybe 8:30 but I do not really know so do not ask me!!

PS Its because I am in a play called Fiddler on the Roof. And we are up super late! Opening night is this Friday.

What I am going to talk about today is is is ...............uuummm I don't know so I should just talk. Never mind I have an idea!!

Audio books!! Greatest thing ever invented if you do not like to read by yourself then you can listen to a audio book!! I read by my self and read with an audio book!!You should try it . What is great about audio books is that when you are really tired you can just lay down on your bed and turn it on and listen BUT BEWARE CLOSE YOUR DOOR!! haha!!:)

Any way you can get them on your ipod on I tunes or just look at your libary or ask I you cant find the audio books!! And if they don't have any will you can still get one on your ipod cant you?

So that it is so I hope you find out how awesome audio books are !!
P.S. if you do find out how much fun audio books are just write a comment below!! or tell me your favorite audio book!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My book stories

HO HI!!!!

What did you do for halloween I was medusa ( scary) and every house I went to they were like awesome best costume so far cool silently in my head I was saying yes and dancing!!

Any way leave a comment and tell me what you were for halloween.

Anyway so I have decided to bring up another book. It is called HOW I LEARN TO LOVE A BEAR. It is the sequel to my first book, THE MOST IMPORTANT DOG TO ME. It's pretty good so far.I am going to give you a sneak peek on both of the books so here it is.

THE MOST IMPORTANT DOG TO ME it's like a modren version of shiloh but no copy and I think it could be a hit. It is about a boy with his parents with a busy life and he has help from both of his friends Elsa and Amanda. They all help with the star of the book who is Penny. It is also about that something so small can change every thing.

HOW I LEARN TO LOVE A BEAR is about the son of THE MOST IMPORTANT DOG TO ME. The family with the dog move to canada and he finds a new baby cub. The baby bears mom has left him Chris takes him back to the house.

The second book gave me the idea because i was reading my book Seekers and it just sparked me so i raced to the computer and started it. And that is my sneak peek on my two books

adios amigos leave a comment and i hope you look forward to my two books bye!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!!! :) ):):):):):):)


You most likely have not heard that it is my birthday tomorrow!!! So very exciting. What I am going to do ... well, actually I do not know. My mom is going to take me somewhere. I know for one thing that I am most likely going to Kona - at least I hope so. What I am most excited about is breakfast!!!! Guess what we are going to have. I will give you a second to guess.....1....okay did you guess? Maybe you did or did not but that is okay because I am going to tell you now. We are going to have crepes, pancakes, and a oven cake. What I was thinking is that every body does not eat dinner on monday night to save up store for all of the store of food they are going to eat in the morning!!!

Well adios amigos!!
bye P.S. write a comment!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hades (music dan dun dun)

Yes I am almost done with GREEK GODS!!! not that I am excited I mean I wont have anything to talk about but I do have something to say HAPPY B DAY TO ME ACTUALLY IN 7 DAYS YEAH TRUST ME I AM GOING TO STOP TALKING IN CAPS woo feel better me to okay today we are going to talk about hades(music dan dun dun ) of the underworld let's start talking about hades ( music dan dun dun) or pluto because hades (music dan dun dun) is not a olympian but ruler of the underworld.

If you would like to find out anything about greek gods then watch these two movies that I know about 1 Clash of titans 2 percy jackson and the olympians lightening thief but there is also books percy jackson the books too.

Adios amigos bye

Athena Demeter Aphrodite Hestia

Sorry I haven't been writing for a while

Today I am going to talk about Athena,Aphrodite,Hestia,and maybe Demeter and hades and then I will be done have a celebration!! Kidding okay so let me start with the great Athena or Minerva she is the goddess of wisdom.I think she is very interesting how she was born.OKAY let's start.Zeus had a horrible headache and it wouldn't go away so zeus asked Hephaestus to use his hammer and smash it on his head Hephaestus thought this as a very funny idea but he had to obey the king of gods so he smashed(ooh how i love the word smashed!) his hammer on Zeus's head and out came Athena all in her armour. I think that is awesome and weird at the same time and that is the story of Athena and how she was born but after she found a city and named after her she is supposed to watch over it COOL!!!!! of course she does she has to.

OKAY now to the most beautifulest goddess Aphrodite or venus goddess of love she was born from sea foam she has a son guess who it is i will give you a minute...... 1 2 3 okay 60 he is cupid or eros you most likely know him you know shot arrows into peoples hearts they then fall in love. Yeah I think you know him Aphrodite has short history that is all I know.

So I guess on to Hestia or vesta goddess of the home and fireside she has like no story either but I do wish I had a fire place in my house do I.

Okay so I guess on to Demeter or Ceres goddess of the farmer I totally wish I had a farm I would have latterly would havE EVERYTHING I WOULD sometimes I will try to save up money to buy a property once I came up with 100 DOLLARS I used it on buying francine she was only 40 dollars I really do not know what happen to the rest I don't??

OKAY Adios amigos see you or read you next time!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greek Gods


Yesterday I found out that if you use caps it means your SCREAMING. I do not know that and was a little embarrassed! Well in my opinion, I think it is ok to use caps.

My last blog I talked about Zeus and his wife Hera, so today I talk about Poseidon. Anybody look him up? Nope no one did? Well that is okay. Any way here I go on my facts about Poseidon or Neptune. He is one of the brothers of Zeus. He rules the sea. He rides in a chariot drawn by sea-horses and carries in his hand a trident, which looks like a pitchfork with three points .He can make a storm at sea or quiet the waves simply by striking them with his trident. That's all about Poseidon but I think I can do the god of fire yeah I can do it but after that I am done with this blog.

The next one will be of three, 1 Apollo 2 Artemis 3 Ares. Hey they all start with the letter A!

back to Hephaestus or Vulcan is the god of fire . He is a lame blacksmith and works at a forge. His forge is said to be in the cave of a mountain, and as smoke and fire come forth from some mountains they are called volcanoes after the god Vulcan inside. Pretty cool! Well I think that god is cool - yep that is what I think okay will that's all bye!

ADIOS bye in Spanish

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apollo , Artemis , Ares some good gods


Okay today I am going to talk about three gods that are pretty cool. I will tell you about them.

Here we go - Apollo god of the sun, song, and music. He is the most beautiful of the gods. He rod in his sun chariot from east to west to bring the sun up and down. Neat! i think that he must forget to rise the sun in the north because in part of the year the sun doesn't come up in places like Greenland. I am not sure why but may be he is punishing them for something.

The next god is Artemis or Diana twin of Apollo . She is very pretty too. She is the goddess of the moon and hunting. There is really nothing to say but she must be very talented to be the goddess of hunting.

Don't you think the next god or goddess we are going to learn about is Ares or mars the goddess of war. He is only happy when a war is going on so he is happy most of the time I guess since there was always wars and commotion going on back then.

Okay will that's it so bye!!!

adios amigos !!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zeus and Hera: queen and king


Well today in history we learned about the gods Greek gods so I learned about all of them!! So I will tell you some of the facts that I learned. First I will tell you about Zeus, his wife and Poseidon (yeah i know the spelling doesn't look like that's how it is spelled but it is).

  1. Did you also know that some of them were named after planets like for Zeus it is Jupiter and for Poseidon is Neptune.
  2. Zeus or Jupiter is the father of the gods
  3. Zeus is the king who rules over all human beings . He sits on a throne and holds a zigzag flash of lightening bolt.
  4. An eagle the king who of birds, is usually by his side.
I will end this blog and the next blog will be of Poseidon. And I plan to keep on doing this till I am done with all of the Greek gods.

NOW on to Zeus wife HERA or Juno
  1. Hera is the queen of the gods.
  2. She often carries a scepter, and her pet bird , the peacock. I hope this makes you have a interest in Greek gods because I literally worship them!!! Now what i am going to say is i am going to tell you about
I hope this makes you have a interest in Greek gods because I literally worship them!!!
Now what I am going to say is I am going to tell you about POSEIDON next. Don't miss him!


Monday, September 13, 2010

silly bands


It's Pearl today I am going to talk about these things called SILLY BANDS . I have to admit they are really cool. I happen to have some ..... wait let me count them. I have four. One of friends gave me two and then one of my other friends gave me two so add it up and you get 1 2 3 4 ding ding 4 is the answer (before you look at the answer do the problem).

SO back to the SILLY BANDS every one is obsessed with them. It is actually quite funny!!!! When I went to my summer camp my sister's friend Julie gave one to me she had a lot so she gave a hippo to me and it was PINK. So she gave practically gave everyone one so every body had one then some body showed one of there friends and then it goes on and on. So I think that is why they are so POPULAR but maybe not. You can get them at blockbuster, and maybe at Walmart, and also maybe at borders . But you can get a whole packet. SPREAD them around or tell every store has them!!! Just kidding !!! Okay

BYE!?!!!! Okay later.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Me and Zoe, well a year ago,it was Zoe first time on photo booth. So we made some funny photobooth videos. I will show you. They are really funny!!! Well, I think they are so I think you should laugh when you see one of them. The one I will show you... well i haven't decided yet so let me think......Okay I got one. I think this one was the second one we made. And I have no clue if beavers hate themselves and I don't think they do. I just run out of words to say so don't doubt me.

Okay hope you like the video!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just something

Hi homeschooling is good. How is your school??? Good that's good. So do you have homework? But of course you have homework! I hope it is not too much.

Well I got another guinea pig YEEPP YAAHH !!!!!! Just kidding sad face :( I wish I could have one though yeah image in my head ahhh that was nice.

So have you ever thought of writing a book?? Of course you have well it might not be that fun unless you know what to do like my mom for example she knows what shes doing
but so ya .

You know that when me and Zoe had that modelling ( photography) for pets well it is still doing it so call us. Thats all



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my egypt project


Last year I decided I wanted to be home schooled. So murrain ( its really Merrin but I feel like spelling it that way) went to school on Monday and I stayed home.

Part of my composition part of homeschooling will be to blog. For a project in school I am studying Egypt. I wanted to do Egypt so I am well I am going to give you guys some facts.

  1. The capital is CAIRO.
  2. The population you wont believe it but it is 81,527,172 that is a lot.
  3. You guys already know this but this is want i wanna learn about is Cleopatra and king tut.
  4. Guess what they ate yep pigeons,cranes,teal,geese,duck, and the last one isn't so bad but I have never tried it here it is DATES.

Well that's all!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hi did I do a blog about Francine and that she died let me check..................Nope didn't do one but
that's okay because i ca do one now okay.It was a horrible day for her die because Zoe was over for a sleep over she just had one at my house.Okay so i woke up i was so happy me and Zoe went down stairs and my mom asked why don't you go take the guinea pigs out side Zoe and i said sure went in the garage and there she was laid down on her cage i swelled up with tires for the rest of the day we had a funeral for her that day it was so sad for everyone.

I hope we get something to replace.Not that I would forget her I would of course not I visit her everyday and I know she would be happy to see me happy but mom says '' I quote no more live animals''. But I think in July or in the middle of October 26 or July we will get a guinea pig hopefully.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer FUN list

Hi Its Pearl. Every year my mom has me make a summer list of what I want to do. Here is my list:

  1. Sea Horse Farm
  2. See Disciptable Me

  3. Leave the island - Honolulu maybe and go to the water park!
  4. Buy the movie, Alice in Wonderland
  5. Have a garage and lemonade stand to make money to buy a wii
  6. Go to the beach...to the dock!
  7. Learn how to play real golf not miniature
  8. Go to my summer camp
  9. Make more videos with cooking and other fun stuff
  10. Stay up late and sleep in!
What are you doing this summer?


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Patron the donkey


This is me, and Patron - the donkey. He is a miniature donkey. We were at a barn party and he was there. He is cute!

Here we are playing around with him.

See ya,


Friday, March 26, 2010

maka's injury

On Tuesday Maka fell out of a truck and very sadly she broke her femur, her leg bone.On Wednesday we went to the vet she had surgery and now is safe and sound snoring on her bed.We all wish her well. We told mostly everyone we know and now I tell you, IT'LL BE A tough week for me and my family hope she'll be okay.I read to her and take her outside when she has to go to the bathroom.The hard part is she can't put any weight on that leg if she runs the leg might be really injured and I won't be happy if that happens so please wish her well.


Monday, March 22, 2010

spring break

Hi it is spring break. I am bored and my best friend is in Texas. BOO HOO. Tomorrow we are going camping so that should be fun.

This why i like camping:

1. we have fun
2. i like to sleep in a tent
3. me like smores
4. i have seen a shooting star
5. we play uno
6. i am the best of playing uno

i will take photos and post them on my blog.

bye, PEARL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ds fun

do you know what DS stands for? Double screen and DSI stands for double screen internet.
Mybest friend Zoe gave me her old DS and I have been saving my money to buy games now but my mom doesn't like it. She says I play too much but I don't believe that hahaha


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

new HBD site

My mom just put up the new Human body detective site. It looks good. leave a comment on one of my cooking shows! Fun!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

smoothie anyone?

this is what i did over the break with my cousins.
my younger cousins owen and max. we all like smoothies and i like theirsbye, PEARL and mine the same but my sister likes the cousins better.
check it out here ( click on here)!
bye, PEARL

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

me and owen on ichat

this is a picture of me playing around with ichat effects with my cousin Owen and my aunt LouLou.


Monday, January 18, 2010

frannie's birthday


Today is frannie's birthday. i think she is 3 but i got her a year ago today. Here is her picture.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

new artist i love


i just found this new singer. her name is kate voelege. i got a 15 dollar itunes card for christmas so i downloaded her cd. my favorite song is 99 times. here is her video.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

hoping to get a call

hi today i am hoping to get a call for my pet photography.
But we haven't had any calls yet.
You know that blog about the blog
that had stickers that had the wisdom and peace.Well I saw something
on the back and it said.I do not believe in a fate that falls on men.However they act;
but i do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.
by Buddha. Well i am hoping that someone calls.

thanks for reading,


Saturday, January 9, 2010

holliday break

hi today me and zoe finished our fliers and put them up.
we put them all over my neihboorhood hope people
like it.And call sometimes i wonder what people are doing every sencond of the day.

Check SpellingI got back from my trip on monday it was so much fun!!!
we went ice skating had snowball fights,snow angels,cold,
and fun.I think about them a lot.

And I read some stikers today and they said.
Wisdom.You should think
about those words there
nice words.

happiness pearl

Friday, January 8, 2010

the end of the beginning

Good morning I just woke if you haven't notice .
These books you see are really good books. The
books are about a small snail and an ant. They have
names Avon and Edward the ant.What i like about
them is there always on a adventure.The end of the
beginning is the first one the second one is a beginning
a muddle and an end.
They are for any age. You can look for them at any book store
and they might be there.

p.s. might find these in stores
Check Spelling

Thursday, January 7, 2010

me and lucy cooking frittata

I am at Lucys house and she is showing me how to make frittata. I didn't know what it was before but now I do.



pet photography

check out Zoe and my sweet new pet photography program.

We take any animal any size and take really cool pictures
of pets. Today we made our fliers and were putting them up too.
Hi I am Zoe and reader whoever you are really check out the photography business if you do not you could be suffering EXTREME conditions. Bye.
zoe is kidding that wont happen to you.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

me and zoe

Me and my friend Zoe playing around with photobooth. Zoe has never done it before.