Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apollo , Artemis , Ares some good gods


Okay today I am going to talk about three gods that are pretty cool. I will tell you about them.

Here we go - Apollo god of the sun, song, and music. He is the most beautiful of the gods. He rod in his sun chariot from east to west to bring the sun up and down. Neat! i think that he must forget to rise the sun in the north because in part of the year the sun doesn't come up in places like Greenland. I am not sure why but may be he is punishing them for something.

The next god is Artemis or Diana twin of Apollo . She is very pretty too. She is the goddess of the moon and hunting. There is really nothing to say but she must be very talented to be the goddess of hunting.

Don't you think the next god or goddess we are going to learn about is Ares or mars the goddess of war. He is only happy when a war is going on so he is happy most of the time I guess since there was always wars and commotion going on back then.

Okay will that's it so bye!!!

adios amigos !!!!

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