Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greek Gods


Yesterday I found out that if you use caps it means your SCREAMING. I do not know that and was a little embarrassed! Well in my opinion, I think it is ok to use caps.

My last blog I talked about Zeus and his wife Hera, so today I talk about Poseidon. Anybody look him up? Nope no one did? Well that is okay. Any way here I go on my facts about Poseidon or Neptune. He is one of the brothers of Zeus. He rules the sea. He rides in a chariot drawn by sea-horses and carries in his hand a trident, which looks like a pitchfork with three points .He can make a storm at sea or quiet the waves simply by striking them with his trident. That's all about Poseidon but I think I can do the god of fire yeah I can do it but after that I am done with this blog.

The next one will be of three, 1 Apollo 2 Artemis 3 Ares. Hey they all start with the letter A!

back to Hephaestus or Vulcan is the god of fire . He is a lame blacksmith and works at a forge. His forge is said to be in the cave of a mountain, and as smoke and fire come forth from some mountains they are called volcanoes after the god Vulcan inside. Pretty cool! Well I think that god is cool - yep that is what I think okay will that's all bye!

ADIOS bye in Spanish

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