Monday, September 13, 2010

silly bands


It's Pearl today I am going to talk about these things called SILLY BANDS . I have to admit they are really cool. I happen to have some ..... wait let me count them. I have four. One of friends gave me two and then one of my other friends gave me two so add it up and you get 1 2 3 4 ding ding 4 is the answer (before you look at the answer do the problem).

SO back to the SILLY BANDS every one is obsessed with them. It is actually quite funny!!!! When I went to my summer camp my sister's friend Julie gave one to me she had a lot so she gave a hippo to me and it was PINK. So she gave practically gave everyone one so every body had one then some body showed one of there friends and then it goes on and on. So I think that is why they are so POPULAR but maybe not. You can get them at blockbuster, and maybe at Walmart, and also maybe at borders . But you can get a whole packet. SPREAD them around or tell every store has them!!! Just kidding !!! Okay

BYE!?!!!! Okay later.


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