Wednesday, March 30, 2011

willow smith


You know who is kind of inspiring but really inspiring at the same time!! My sister's guinea pig just kidding ! Willow smith is really inspiring in her song "whip my hair" she sends out a image to be yourself which I totally agree! I mean be yourself have fun with tease your hair or make it really really short or go goth! And just follow your dream! Right now I am listening to her new song 21st century girl pretty good song well it is! And isn't 10 or 9 I MEAN 10 she is so famous! I feel bad though for all the paparazzi following her every where it must be kind of hard or really hard or easy because of all those interviews and press conferences ! She must be a great person to hang out with her!!

BYE!!! go willow Smith!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The sickness and Japan


Want to talk about today I also want to talk about Japan! Do you think that they can recover from this I am not sure they are going through some tough stuff! But hopefully everything well turn out okay! But I know how some people feel my uncle was teaching in Japan when the tsunami hit and we still don't know if he is okay. Give you all the best wishes!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Percy Jackson!


I know lately books is all I talk about but really out in the world there are the GREATEST books ever! So today I am talking about Percy Jackson! If you like mythology! Like Medusa,Artemis,Zeus,and Poseidon! You will really like Rick Riordan's books on Percy Jackson there really good!I cant get anyone to read the series in my house though because my sis will say no to everything I say or ask and mom will say she will read it and my dad I don't bother .but that's okay hopefully a lot of people read it! You can get them at a library or bookstore if you look hard enough!! Right now in the Percy Jackson books I am on The Titan's Curse! The first Percy Jackson book was the The Lighting Theif, The second book is The Sea of Monsters! Then the Titan's Curse. Then the Battle of Labyrinth, and the last one is The Last Olympian!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

book stores going down :(


You know what's really sad if you like to read?NO! Ok I shall tell you when every book store on island is going bankrupt so all of them are going!!
Bye bye! Of course, the library is still up but it could go down too !! And then, we have to rely on Amazon. Don't get me wrong I love amazon! But it takes forever for the book to get to your house!!! Doesn't it? If you agree, go comment on this blog!!

I am so sad about this.