Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Percy Jackson!


I know lately books is all I talk about but really out in the world there are the GREATEST books ever! So today I am talking about Percy Jackson! If you like mythology! Like Medusa,Artemis,Zeus,and Poseidon! You will really like Rick Riordan's books on Percy Jackson there really good!I cant get anyone to read the series in my house though because my sis will say no to everything I say or ask and mom will say she will read it and my dad I don't bother .but that's okay hopefully a lot of people read it! You can get them at a library or bookstore if you look hard enough!! Right now in the Percy Jackson books I am on The Titan's Curse! The first Percy Jackson book was the The Lighting Theif, The second book is The Sea of Monsters! Then the Titan's Curse. Then the Battle of Labyrinth, and the last one is The Last Olympian!


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