Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hi did I do a blog about Francine and that she died let me check..................Nope didn't do one but
that's okay because i ca do one now okay.It was a horrible day for her die because Zoe was over for a sleep over she just had one at my house.Okay so i woke up i was so happy me and Zoe went down stairs and my mom asked why don't you go take the guinea pigs out side Zoe and i said sure went in the garage and there she was laid down on her cage i swelled up with tires for the rest of the day we had a funeral for her that day it was so sad for everyone.

I hope we get something to replace.Not that I would forget her I would of course not I visit her everyday and I know she would be happy to see me happy but mom says '' I quote no more live animals''. But I think in July or in the middle of October 26 or July we will get a guinea pig hopefully.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer FUN list

Hi Its Pearl. Every year my mom has me make a summer list of what I want to do. Here is my list:

  1. Sea Horse Farm
  2. See Disciptable Me

  3. Leave the island - Honolulu maybe and go to the water park!
  4. Buy the movie, Alice in Wonderland
  5. Have a garage and lemonade stand to make money to buy a wii
  6. Go to the the dock!
  7. Learn how to play real golf not miniature
  8. Go to my summer camp
  9. Make more videos with cooking and other fun stuff
  10. Stay up late and sleep in!
What are you doing this summer?