Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hi did I do a blog about Francine and that she died let me check..................Nope didn't do one but
that's okay because i ca do one now okay.It was a horrible day for her die because Zoe was over for a sleep over she just had one at my house.Okay so i woke up i was so happy me and Zoe went down stairs and my mom asked why don't you go take the guinea pigs out side Zoe and i said sure went in the garage and there she was laid down on her cage i swelled up with tires for the rest of the day we had a funeral for her that day it was so sad for everyone.

I hope we get something to replace.Not that I would forget her I would of course not I visit her everyday and I know she would be happy to see me happy but mom says '' I quote no more live animals''. But I think in July or in the middle of October 26 or July we will get a guinea pig hopefully.


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