Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my egypt project


Last year I decided I wanted to be home schooled. So murrain ( its really Merrin but I feel like spelling it that way) went to school on Monday and I stayed home.

Part of my composition part of homeschooling will be to blog. For a project in school I am studying Egypt. I wanted to do Egypt so I am well I am going to give you guys some facts.

  1. The capital is CAIRO.
  2. The population you wont believe it but it is 81,527,172 that is a lot.
  3. You guys already know this but this is want i wanna learn about is Cleopatra and king tut.
  4. Guess what they ate yep pigeons,cranes,teal,geese,duck, and the last one isn't so bad but I have never tried it here it is DATES.

Well that's all!


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