Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greek Gods


Yesterday I found out that if you use caps it means your SCREAMING. I do not know that and was a little embarrassed! Well in my opinion, I think it is ok to use caps.

My last blog I talked about Zeus and his wife Hera, so today I talk about Poseidon. Anybody look him up? Nope no one did? Well that is okay. Any way here I go on my facts about Poseidon or Neptune. He is one of the brothers of Zeus. He rules the sea. He rides in a chariot drawn by sea-horses and carries in his hand a trident, which looks like a pitchfork with three points .He can make a storm at sea or quiet the waves simply by striking them with his trident. That's all about Poseidon but I think I can do the god of fire yeah I can do it but after that I am done with this blog.

The next one will be of three, 1 Apollo 2 Artemis 3 Ares. Hey they all start with the letter A!

back to Hephaestus or Vulcan is the god of fire . He is a lame blacksmith and works at a forge. His forge is said to be in the cave of a mountain, and as smoke and fire come forth from some mountains they are called volcanoes after the god Vulcan inside. Pretty cool! Well I think that god is cool - yep that is what I think okay will that's all bye!

ADIOS bye in Spanish

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apollo , Artemis , Ares some good gods


Okay today I am going to talk about three gods that are pretty cool. I will tell you about them.

Here we go - Apollo god of the sun, song, and music. He is the most beautiful of the gods. He rod in his sun chariot from east to west to bring the sun up and down. Neat! i think that he must forget to rise the sun in the north because in part of the year the sun doesn't come up in places like Greenland. I am not sure why but may be he is punishing them for something.

The next god is Artemis or Diana twin of Apollo . She is very pretty too. She is the goddess of the moon and hunting. There is really nothing to say but she must be very talented to be the goddess of hunting.

Don't you think the next god or goddess we are going to learn about is Ares or mars the goddess of war. He is only happy when a war is going on so he is happy most of the time I guess since there was always wars and commotion going on back then.

Okay will that's it so bye!!!

adios amigos !!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zeus and Hera: queen and king


Well today in history we learned about the gods Greek gods so I learned about all of them!! So I will tell you some of the facts that I learned. First I will tell you about Zeus, his wife and Poseidon (yeah i know the spelling doesn't look like that's how it is spelled but it is).

  1. Did you also know that some of them were named after planets like for Zeus it is Jupiter and for Poseidon is Neptune.
  2. Zeus or Jupiter is the father of the gods
  3. Zeus is the king who rules over all human beings . He sits on a throne and holds a zigzag flash of lightening bolt.
  4. An eagle the king who of birds, is usually by his side.
I will end this blog and the next blog will be of Poseidon. And I plan to keep on doing this till I am done with all of the Greek gods.

NOW on to Zeus wife HERA or Juno
  1. Hera is the queen of the gods.
  2. She often carries a scepter, and her pet bird , the peacock. I hope this makes you have a interest in Greek gods because I literally worship them!!! Now what i am going to say is i am going to tell you about
I hope this makes you have a interest in Greek gods because I literally worship them!!!
Now what I am going to say is I am going to tell you about POSEIDON next. Don't miss him!


Monday, September 13, 2010

silly bands


It's Pearl today I am going to talk about these things called SILLY BANDS . I have to admit they are really cool. I happen to have some ..... wait let me count them. I have four. One of friends gave me two and then one of my other friends gave me two so add it up and you get 1 2 3 4 ding ding 4 is the answer (before you look at the answer do the problem).

SO back to the SILLY BANDS every one is obsessed with them. It is actually quite funny!!!! When I went to my summer camp my sister's friend Julie gave one to me she had a lot so she gave a hippo to me and it was PINK. So she gave practically gave everyone one so every body had one then some body showed one of there friends and then it goes on and on. So I think that is why they are so POPULAR but maybe not. You can get them at blockbuster, and maybe at Walmart, and also maybe at borders . But you can get a whole packet. SPREAD them around or tell every store has them!!! Just kidding !!! Okay

BYE!?!!!! Okay later.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Me and Zoe, well a year ago,it was Zoe first time on photo booth. So we made some funny photobooth videos. I will show you. They are really funny!!! Well, I think they are so I think you should laugh when you see one of them. The one I will show you... well i haven't decided yet so let me think......Okay I got one. I think this one was the second one we made. And I have no clue if beavers hate themselves and I don't think they do. I just run out of words to say so don't doubt me.

Okay hope you like the video!!!