Thursday, November 11, 2010


So if you read my last blog and if you haven't read it right now please do and leave a comment. If you don't leave a comment I won't know that you have read it so please do!

Any way if you just read my other blog then you don't know what I am going to talk about and I am not sure either so just follow along. So you at least kind of know what I am talking about yezh I am tired today even though I slept in. I actually didn't I woke up about maybe 8:30 but I do not really know so do not ask me!!

PS Its because I am in a play called Fiddler on the Roof. And we are up super late! Opening night is this Friday.

What I am going to talk about today is is is ...............uuummm I don't know so I should just talk. Never mind I have an idea!!

Audio books!! Greatest thing ever invented if you do not like to read by yourself then you can listen to a audio book!! I read by my self and read with an audio book!!You should try it . What is great about audio books is that when you are really tired you can just lay down on your bed and turn it on and listen BUT BEWARE CLOSE YOUR DOOR!! haha!!:)

Any way you can get them on your ipod on I tunes or just look at your libary or ask I you cant find the audio books!! And if they don't have any will you can still get one on your ipod cant you?

So that it is so I hope you find out how awesome audio books are !!
P.S. if you do find out how much fun audio books are just write a comment below!! or tell me your favorite audio book!


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