Monday, November 22, 2010



Today I am going to talk about a t.v. show on the t.v. it's called glee!( duba duba!) That is what they put after the show is over! It is a really good show! Here are some of the characters Finn,Rachel,Kurt,Quinn,Mercedes,Sue,Will,Puck, and some others that I don't remember the name of them but there is more! It is on fox I think it is on Tuesday though! And if you don't get it because you have not seen the first one then go to your movie store or order glee yeah you should do that will that is what I did and my family! You should watch glee its good!

p.s. leave a comment if you already watch glee or you do and you love it!
goodbye here is one of the music videos in I think the second or third show!

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