Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julius Caesar


I think you most likely know that name Julius Caesar.I just read a chapter of history, and I learned about Julius Caesar. I just hate the way he died that is darn sad and mean. I mean really his own best friend was in a plot to kill him. I hope that never happens to me.

He had a good life the not the end of it though his last words were "Et tu , Brute" which means in english "and thou, O Brutus" and lay limp completely given up because he realized his best friend was killing him. He had a pen but as the saying "A pen is greater then a sword" it didn't help him. And after that they called his best friend "Brutus the noblest man of all" really really why he totally betrayed him!!?!

thats all BYE!!! Adios Amigos!!!

One more thing, the month of July was named after him - cool!

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