Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My book stories

HO HI!!!!

What did you do for halloween I was medusa ( scary) and every house I went to they were like awesome best costume so far cool silently in my head I was saying yes and dancing!!

Any way leave a comment and tell me what you were for halloween.

Anyway so I have decided to bring up another book. It is called HOW I LEARN TO LOVE A BEAR. It is the sequel to my first book, THE MOST IMPORTANT DOG TO ME. It's pretty good so far.I am going to give you a sneak peek on both of the books so here it is.

THE MOST IMPORTANT DOG TO ME it's like a modren version of shiloh but no copy and I think it could be a hit. It is about a boy with his parents with a busy life and he has help from both of his friends Elsa and Amanda. They all help with the star of the book who is Penny. It is also about that something so small can change every thing.

HOW I LEARN TO LOVE A BEAR is about the son of THE MOST IMPORTANT DOG TO ME. The family with the dog move to canada and he finds a new baby cub. The baby bears mom has left him Chris takes him back to the house.

The second book gave me the idea because i was reading my book Seekers and it just sparked me so i raced to the computer and started it. And that is my sneak peek on my two books

adios amigos leave a comment and i hope you look forward to my two books bye!!!!!

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