Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my soccer team

I have now had 3 soceer games. my dad is the coach.FINALLY. He has been coaching Merrins team forever. My team is really good and really nice. We didn't win today but we did win last week. My mom said she would take picures soon so when she does I will post them!
Do you play soccer?

aloha pearl


  1. My son who is in second grade plays soccer. He won't have his first game for another week, but he's started practicing. I'm so happy your dad is FINALLY the coach! :) That makes it more fun, doesn't it? What do you like best about soccer? I can't wait to see pictures! Do you play soccer year-round in Hawaii? We live in Iowa, so we only play outdoor soccer in the fall and spring. It's hard to play with snow and ice on the ground! I enjoy reading your blog! Keep writing!

  2. well we only play in the fall but i feel so much better with my dad coaching. i am in third grade
    i think this is my third or fourth year playing old is your son? i am in u8 what is he in?