Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hades (music dan dun dun)

Yes I am almost done with GREEK GODS!!! not that I am excited I mean I wont have anything to talk about but I do have something to say HAPPY B DAY TO ME ACTUALLY IN 7 DAYS YEAH TRUST ME I AM GOING TO STOP TALKING IN CAPS woo feel better me to okay today we are going to talk about hades(music dan dun dun ) of the underworld let's start talking about hades ( music dan dun dun) or pluto because hades (music dan dun dun) is not a olympian but ruler of the underworld.

If you would like to find out anything about greek gods then watch these two movies that I know about 1 Clash of titans 2 percy jackson and the olympians lightening thief but there is also books percy jackson the books too.

Adios amigos bye

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  1. I ♥ Greek Mythology! Flying by to sprinkle some fairy dust on your bloggy is @toothfairycyber the Tooth Fairy that's ME!