Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Athena Demeter Aphrodite Hestia

Sorry I haven't been writing for a while

Today I am going to talk about Athena,Aphrodite,Hestia,and maybe Demeter and hades and then I will be done have a celebration!! Kidding okay so let me start with the great Athena or Minerva she is the goddess of wisdom.I think she is very interesting how she was born.OKAY let's start.Zeus had a horrible headache and it wouldn't go away so zeus asked Hephaestus to use his hammer and smash it on his head Hephaestus thought this as a very funny idea but he had to obey the king of gods so he smashed(ooh how i love the word smashed!) his hammer on Zeus's head and out came Athena all in her armour. I think that is awesome and weird at the same time and that is the story of Athena and how she was born but after she found a city and named after her she is supposed to watch over it COOL!!!!! of course she does she has to.

OKAY now to the most beautifulest goddess Aphrodite or venus goddess of love she was born from sea foam she has a son guess who it is i will give you a minute...... 1 2 3 okay 60 he is cupid or eros you most likely know him you know shot arrows into peoples hearts they then fall in love. Yeah I think you know him Aphrodite has short history that is all I know.

So I guess on to Hestia or vesta goddess of the home and fireside she has like no story either but I do wish I had a fire place in my house do I.

Okay so I guess on to Demeter or Ceres goddess of the farmer I totally wish I had a farm I would have latterly would havE EVERYTHING I WOULD sometimes I will try to save up money to buy a property once I came up with 100 DOLLARS I used it on buying francine she was only 40 dollars I really do not know what happen to the rest I don't??

OKAY Adios amigos see you or read you next time!!!!!

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