Monday, October 25, 2010

MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!!! :) ):):):):):):)


You most likely have not heard that it is my birthday tomorrow!!! So very exciting. What I am going to do ... well, actually I do not know. My mom is going to take me somewhere. I know for one thing that I am most likely going to Kona - at least I hope so. What I am most excited about is breakfast!!!! Guess what we are going to have. I will give you a second to guess.....1....okay did you guess? Maybe you did or did not but that is okay because I am going to tell you now. We are going to have crepes, pancakes, and a oven cake. What I was thinking is that every body does not eat dinner on monday night to save up store for all of the store of food they are going to eat in the morning!!!

Well adios amigos!!
bye P.S. write a comment!


  1. sounds like a yummy b'day breakfast! what did you do for the rest of your b'day day!

  2. we went snorkelling and then went to the king and queen shops!!!!!